Residential Locksmith Service – Serving Roanoke – Vinton – Blueridge

Residential Lock Change Service

Need your locks changed in the Roanoke VA area? Roanoke24 Lock Service offers same day lock changes in most cases and even provides emergency lock change services after normal business hours. We change locks on (Houses & Apartments) residential and businesses/commercial. We do not provide lock changing service for automobiles (only lock-out services for cars). WE DO NOT MAKE CAR KEYS.

Locked Out Of Your Home?

Don’t kick in your door or break a window! It can cost you more to repair than what we charge to come our and unlock your door safely without damage. If you are locked out of your home give us a call.

Lock Repair

We can fix, repair, or replace your broken lock. If your home lock is not working properly it may not secure your home from unwanted guest or could end up malfunctioning and locking you out!

Here are some issues you may have with your lock:

  • Key will not turn at all inside my lock
  • My key broke off in my lock (Key Extraction Needed)
  • My lock keeps locking me out
  • My key rarely works in my lock
  • My Key Is Stuck In The Door
  • The Key will Not Go In To The Lock
  • The Key works But the “Bolt” wont come out or go in the hole in my door frame
  • I have to jiggle my key or move it in and out to work.
  • Pieces of metal fell out of my lock!!
  • The doorknob fell off
  • The Keyway (Cylinder) FELL OUT!
  • My Lock Is Lose
  • I lost my keys and need help.